Welcome to Lighthouse

Lighthouse is a journalism collective using writing, art, tech, and film to pursue global narratives. We’ve been experimenting for a while with new forms of engaging with the world, and each month we’ll present these through a theme. We’ll explore tales of war & peace, love & hate, struggle & strife. Some of these narratives are deemed insignificant by the historical record and others used to incite revolution, craft borders and decree laws. Some deal with fashion, some sport and some art. Others are the simple depictions of beauty in seemingly mundane life.

The father of a friend once did a speech in which he reflected on the reality of being a human rights activist amid the almost certain prospect of dying at the hands of the security forces whose crimes he had now devoted his life to unraveling. He told of a world being enveloped by an ever expanding darkness. Here, a solitary light survived on a single candle. He maintained that beyond all else, that light needed to stay lit. By itself it had little hope of overtaking the rapidly approaching darkness. Yet, without that light, there existed no hope at all. That candle could be taken to other candles and slowly, preserve the forces that had spent centuries forging its flame.

The allure of understanding these realities formulates what this collective is fated to do. The darkness, the light, the candles dormant & the candles blazing, the carriers of each, the houses where they are lit and the houses where they have been vanquished - all are fair game.